Populate the given argparse.ArgumentParser with arguments.

This function can be used to make the definition these argparse arguments reusable in other modules and avoid the duplication of these definitions among the executable scripts.

The following arguments are added to the parser:

  • type-of-filtering (string): type of filtering
  • filter-thresholds (float list): thresholds used for the plane filtering.
  • last-scale (string): last plane treatment
  • detect-only-positive-structures (boolean): detect only positive structures.
  • remove-isolated-pixels (boolean): suppress isolated pixels in the support (scipy implementation)
  • noise-cdf-file (path): the JSON file containing the Cumulated Distribution Function of the noise model used to inject artificial noise in blank pixels (those with a NaN value)
Parameters:parser (argparse.ArgumentParser) – The parser to populate.
Returns:Return the populated ArgumentParser object.
Return type:argparse.ArgumentParser